Introducing Gabriel Connection Technology

Gabriel’s patented technology creates private, secure networks and encrypted communication channels over the Internet giving you end-to-end control and security of your data and cloud applications.

Originally developed for the U.S. Intelligence community, Gabriel provides private, secure text messages, secure voice, secure email, secure video conferencing and secure file sharing.

GABRIEL Connection Technology was
developed by VirnetX to empower individuals, organizations of all sizes and government agencies to establish their own private network enclaves or Secure Domains across the Internet.

Instead of networks being secured by
physical barriers, they’re defined
cryptographically, thereby allowing secure
domains to be dynamically established on demand without regard to the physical
location of the domain participants.

Gabriel Secure Collaboration Suite

Reduced Attack Surface

Reduces the attack surface for your infrastructure, applications, users and devices using private networks removed from the public internet. Secure data, networked applications and seamlessly integrate security services directly.

Trusted Access

Automatically and cryptographically enforces user access rules using application and data policies. Manage access to critical data with minimal overhead, apply access policies in real-time and easily understand who has access to your information.