Access Control - Cyber Security - Secure IoT - Secure Networks

PEDLOX INC. providies Secure Access Control, CyberSecurity solutions, Secure IoT and Secure IP Networks. Access Control via eCLIQ Electronic Keys, Security via PEDLOX Electronic Lock solutions and CyberSecurity through Gabriel Secure Network solution.

Gabriel provides a suite of services to communicate, share files and collaborate with colleagues in real-time. Designed from the ground-up around security and maintaining full control of your data. Install Gabriel on any device, including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux, to start communicating.


PEDLOX Secure IoT Platform

PEDLO Secure IoT PLATFORM.  Enable and Empower your Community via a Secure IoT Platform. A Smart City Secure Data platform Smart City sensors. 

COMMUNITY EDGE COMPUTING. PEDLOX Community Edge computing, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Community Guardian Networks that provide Safety, Security, Privacy,