Adversaries can't hack what they don't see

Become invisible on the Internet with Gabriel Secure.

Introducing Gabriel Secure Communications. Ensure your Privacy, Security, Collaborations and Data is Secured across the internet. Gabriel Secure Connection Technology secures IP networks, applications, services, users and devices by removing their visibility from the public internet by creating Secure enclaves. We do this by providing you with your own private Secure Domain Name. 

What is a Gabriel Secure Domain name?

A Gabriel Secure Domain Name is just like your website Domain Name except a Gabriel Secure Domain name will end with an .SCOM, .SEU, .SCA, .SGOV, .SNL, etc., signifying secure communication. All communications via a Gabriel Secure Domain, including its users, devices, applications, and file sharing are end-to-end encrypted. Gabriel Connection Technology was originally developed for the Intelligence community for secure communications.

What makes up a Secure Domain Name?

A Secure Domain Name is made up of 4 parts.





How does the Gabriel Secure Domain Service work?

The Gabriel Secure Domain Name Service

The Gabriel Secure Domain Name Service (SDNS) uses digital certificates to cryptographically authenticate and authorize user communications.

Once communication is authorized, the Secure Domain Name is resolved to a private IP address enabling point-to-point, encrypted communications between users and devices.

How do we communicate using Gabriel?

Collaborate on your Secure Domain with the Gabriel Secure Collaboration Suite. As a member of a Secure Domain you can download and install Gabriel Collaboration Suite on 4 of your devices and allow you to communicate with end-to-end encyrption across the internet using secure-chat, secure-email, secure-voice, secure-video and secure file sharing.

The Gabriel Collaboration Suite

It's Regulatory Compliant

Meet regulatory requirements by using Gabriel Collaboration Suite to securely communicate and share files with your employees, partners and customers.


Identity Verification and Management

Verify the right people and approved devices can access your company’s information.

Organizing users into secure domains gives you control of who can communicate, their level of access and the Collaboration Suite services available. Through verification of secure domain ownership, users can trust the peer communication using email or chat and the devices they use to exchange files. Two-factor authentication and automated logins provide additional layers of security.

Secure Email - Chat - Voice - Files

Work together Securely

Gabriel provides a suite of services to communicate, share files and collaborate with colleagues in real-time.

Gabriel Collaboration Suite was designed from the ground-up around security and maintaining full control of your data. Install Gabriel on any device, including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux, to start communicating.

Control Access to Files and Services

Easily setup read and write access rules.

Meet regulatory requirements by using Gabriel Collaboration Suite to securely communicate and share files with your employees, partners and customers.